The TomoD System

The TomoD system is a nanotechnology-based 3D intraoral imaging system offering unprecedented high resolution x-ray image quality and diagnostic accuracy.  The 3D image provides a layer by layer virtual dissection of the oral cavity.

Compared to conventional 2D intraoral systems it provides depth information and removes structural overlap that often obscures correct diagnosis, with the same imaging dose to the patient.

Our system also utilizes a unique articulating arm which weighs less than current 2D imaging systems with more fluid movements.  The arm allows for placement of the X-ray source in any dental operatory and comes with different configurations to meet any dentist’s need.

The Software

Our 3D intraoral system has a state-of-the-art reconstruction algorithm can produce a full 3D image stack in less than 5 seconds. This reconstruction algorithm comes bundled in our software package.

The software package is capable of acquiring and manipulating images as well. Our unique Loupe feature allows for concentrated 3D reconstruction in real-time on a localized region.  The software is also capable of connecting with existing patient and practice management systems.

The Technology

The 3D intraoral system is capable of producing a stationary, high resolution x-ray 3D image only through the use of carbon nanotube (CNT) based X-ray sources.

CNT X-ray sources were developed and patented by the founders of XinVivo over a decade ago. The sources are capable of producing identical electron beams to conventional X-ray sources but without producing heat on the cathode. This allows for placement of X-ray sources in directly next to each other.

Our CNT X-ray sources are being used in traditional rotating 3D X-ray systems to create stationary 3D X-ray systems which have increased resolution and speed.

Patient 1 Comparison

Traditional 2D X-ray

3D Image Stack (video rendering)

Patient 2 Comparison

Traditional 2D X-ray

3D Image Stack (video rendering)

Dental Phantom Comparison

Traditional 2D X-ray

3D Image Stack (video rendering)

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