Bringing new technology to an existing medical field.

Surround Medical Systems is a medical device company that develops cutting edge 3D X-ray imaging systems. Utilizing nanotechnology, we are able to create 3D imaging systems with no motion of the X-ray source.


Quality is core to our business.

Our employees use stringent policy guidelines to drive focus assuring the X-ray systems we manufacture meet applicable medical, industry, and customer requirements for safety and performance.

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Nanotechnology in Medical Imaging

Our stationary 3D systems provide high resolution at low radiation dose, low cost, and small footprint.


3D Intraoral X-Ray Radiography

Surround Medical Systems' PORTRAY™ has the potential to become the new gold standard for routine screening and diagnostic imaging.


Carbon Nanotube (CNT) X-Ray

This increases the image resolution by eliminating source motion blur, increases the imaging speed, and simplifies the system design.